Think, collaborate, decide,
and act as a collective brain.

Next generation visual information management platform

Use the powerful visual editor

The editor is enriched with a semantic layer, that is infused into all tools: templates, canvases, visual metaphors & prioritization matrices.

Advance your validation efforts

Manage all of the validation activities within the unified Research Lab section. Support for atomic research, experiment pairing and triangulation.

Speed up your innovation flow

To strategise, plan, prioritise and better understand - simply add items with drag-and-drop. All of the tools come with tailored item collections.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Access the internal Know Hub with interconnected collections: tools & templates, research and experiment methods, learning resources & more.

Learn by doing, do by learning

Predefined tools & templates include Activity Guides with step-by-step instructions, being complemented by contextual Questions to Ask.

Detect and mitigate biases

The Bias Monitor helps you to improve team decisions & outcomes, by considering mitigation strategies for the omnipresent cognitive biases.

Connect your ideas & activities

Easily manage information networks with bi-directional deep linking, and streamline all your innovation efforts by connecting the activities.

Take on or distribute roles

Role sets will foster team work and collaboration in a gamified manner. Wear a thinking hat or take on the facilitator's role, as it is indicated.