Embrace innovation in the age of uncertainty.

Global shifts require us to rethink the way we work. Take a unified approach to innovation management.

AsWeThink is aimed at distributed teams dealing with change and complexity, who want a peace of mind.

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Visual information management platform that helps you to connect, make sense, decide, and act on key business information. Blending visual thinking and strategic planning with knowledge and innovation management.

  • Make sense of your scattered key business information by connecting the entities.
  • Start an activity with a blank canvas or use a semantic template with an activity guide.
  • Work with visual content items, map them out to create an interconnected network.
  • Prioritise your ideas, assumptions, issues and more by dragging them on the canvas.
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For explorers, strategists, change agents & dreamers

Innovation Leaders, Champions, Visionaries

Product & Service Managers, Strategists

Product, Service & UX Designers, Architects

Design Researchers, UX Analysts, Investigators

The end-to-end innovation solution you were looking for. Some of the benefits our users & partners can experience.

From blue sky ideas to validated business models

Start with a blank activity, or use a template/canvas from the toolbox. Define, ideate, prioritise and validate product and service concepts in a unified & dedicated space.

Capture critical perspectives to make better decisions

Assess and rank all of the available options by placing them on prioritisation matrices. You can use an off-the-shelf template or define your own prioritisation criteria.

Map your context to increase situational awareness

Start with the essential, high-level aspects, or jump to the details. By connecting the information bits you can make sense of the whole, both as a team and as an individual.

Change is hard, we support you to make it manageable

We understand that your business is facing unique challenges. This is why we focus on a solution that can be tailored to your team needs and specific business context.

Innovation through smart knowledge sharing.
The process of putting knowledge into action.

We believe that organizational knowledge should be empowering. Every single member of your team should be able to easily access, and contribute to your interlinked organizational knowledge.

Most of the current innovation paradigms are rooted in the industrial age. In order to succeed in the post-information age of connectedness, you have think beyond digital transformation, and aim for a radically adaptive business.

AsWeThink is committed to support your thriving organization in bringing together all of the stakeholders and key business components, to make ongoing and sustainable innovation a reality.

As a visual thinking platform with sensemaking at its core, AsWeThink is a manifold solution, but it is not for everything.

  • It's primarily not for digital whiteboarding
  • It's definitely not a usual diagramming tool
  • It's not method or framework constrained
  • It's not aimed at big, traditional enterprises
  • It's not for overhyped industries & sectors
  • We discourage hyper-growth & exploitation
  • It's for non-linear and holistic thinking
  • Supports visual mapping of idea networks
  • Integrates with a wide range of approaches
  • Tailored to small organisations & teams
  • Embraces sustainable & circular principles
  • We encourage life-life balance work practices

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