Innovation is a team sport.
Work with the right people.

Vetted innovation professionals, ready to support your business

Professionals you can trust

People who have the required depth of knowledge and experience, but are not into digital virtue signaling and strange abbreviations in their titles.

People you can count on

Individuals who make the extra effort to provide services that are actually helping your team, and the business, not just sweet talk the management.

Experts you can learn from

You will recognise them as folks not being afraid to share their resources, that help you make deeper sense of things, without unnecessary bullshit.

Teammates you can work with

Members, who will contribute with straightforward inputs, and honest work, while are not keen to jump into playing the internal political games.

We are weaving our diverse network of independent professionals

Are you providing consultancy, facilitation, training or strategic design services for SMEs, not (just) big enterprises?
Are you ready to contribute to a healthier and more future-conscious (digital) innovation service landscape?
Do you feel like someone aligned with the traits and characteristics expressed above?

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