Meaningful simplicity in the
era of increasing complexity.

AsWeThink about Innovation

Innovation starts with questions, the Platform helps to ask the right ones.

No need to pick one methodology, when many of them are supported.

Streamline your innovation efforts by assigning meaning to your outputs.

Pick the right tools for each stage and step of your innovation process.

AsWeThink about Information

It is impossible to obtain knowledge without information. Mind the gap.

We believe the power of information lies in the ability to effectively use it.

Ideas won't convert themselves into actions, we support you to do this.

Face the challenge of not drowning in information by thinking systemically.

AsWeThink about Knowledge

We all fancy AI, smart as a rat, but should let human intelligence shine.

Make better sense of all business dimensions by connecting them.

Focus on complex, human actions, let the Platform take care of the trivia.

Knowledge should be empowering for all, right from the beginning.

AsWeThink about Visual Thinking

We are all visual thinkers, as most of our sensory neurons are for seeing.

Big picture thinking AND detail level work - it should not be a choice.

You are a great visual thinker. The Platform helps you to get even better.

Give structure to your fuzzy ideas, while pushing them towards reality.

AsWeThink about Collaboration

Move forward with peace of mind, by knowing team members are aligned.

Straightforward role and permission management for the whole team.

Collaborate seamlessly with your remote and distributed teammates.

Biases affect your decisions, the Platform supports to mitigate them.