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Tools & Templates Library

50+ templates, canvases, visual metaphors and prioritisation matrices. While we integrate the Business Model Canvas, the Wardley Map, or the Cynefin Framework among others, we aim to remain methodology & framework agnostic.

Research & Experiment Kit

Detailed overview of 50+ research and experiment methods - both qualitative and quantitative - including methods used in the context of methodologies such as Design Thinking, the Lean Startup, Service Design or UX research.

Method card Collections

Hundreds of method card decks that will enhance your ideation process, and structure your collaboration. We provide both free and premium card collections, that can be both licensed (digital items) and purchased (paper deck) from our partner vendors.

Learning Resources

Over one thousand of curated learning resources, including books, online courses, articles, videos and more. Diversify your team's skillset and stay up-to-date with the latest innovation, systems, strategy and design thinking know how.